About CatCarz

Welcome to CatCarz,com where we specialize is category N (non-structural) insurance write off vehicles, formerly known as category D.

We do not sell category S (Structural) formerly known as category C simply because of the possible severity of structural damage.

We at CatCarz are finding more and more that Insurance companies these days are slapping the Cat-N notice on vehicles and paying out a total loss because it suits them, not necessarily because the damage is severe.

This can represent a significant saving for the next owner since CatCarz has many years of expertise in repairing vehicles to a high standard. We have two workshops, one in Peterborough and the other in West Sussex.

Let me give you an example: We bought a Mini Clubman 2012. This vehicle is the estate mini where it has a rear door on the driver’s side. The damage to this car was caused by another car clipping the side damaging the drivers door and rear suicide door. (Doors opening the other way on a car are known as suicide doors)

The insurance company commissioned the repair and the owner was given a nice hire car whilst the repairs were taking place. Now, had those repairs taken place, the car would have been repaired and no category would have been recorded. As it transpired around covid, the rear door was in short supply from BMW and they wanted nearly £1000 for it, whats more, they couldn’t give a delivery date on it for supply.

Subsequently, the insurer, now worried they would have to pay for a hire car for months on end, decided it was uneconomical to repair and chose that it would be cheaper to pay out for the car and sell it as a cat n and so that’s what happened.

We picked the car up from an insurance sale, replaced the doors and repaired it to a high standard and that car was exceptional value for the people that bought it. A totally safe and useful car with low miles at a bargain price. We think that it is even green and good for the environment to make good use of these lightly damaged vehicles. They are very good, often low mileage vehicles with history.

Another example we are seeing lately is to do with simple theft, perhaps even to do with the recent inflation and cost of living crises. We bought a Honda where the catalytic converter had been stolen.

We assume the insurance company must have been quoted a high price since the paid out as a total loss.

We have a collective of over 20 years in the automotive industry and pride ourselves on providing quality used cars at fantastic prices. We are so confident that our cars are good, we offer SIX months £1000 per fault warranty with every car sold. We are probably one of the very few dealers in the country able to do so since the warranty company we work with, know how we work and know that our cars are quality and fault free.

So don’t pay a fortune for a car, get real value for money and make your hard-earned money work for you. Buy a CatCarz car.

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