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Buying a new car is a great feeling, but unexpected repair bills can be costly and take the ‘edge’ off the excitement of your purchase, so why take the risk? With a warranty you are not only giving yourself peace of mind by being covered for any unforeseen mechanical or electrical failures, but also joining a group of thousands of satisfied customers who have either purchased a vehicle that has a warranty included, or have chosen to add it to the vehicle they have just purchased.

Buying a used car can be a complicated experience, and many people feel vulnerable or unsure of the right questions to ask. This can often lead to customers buying a vehicle, without properly researching, checking and inspecting their intended purchase.

Having a car that has already been checked for quality, safety, and legality takes away these problems before you’ve even looked at it.

Here at CatCarz we have an excellent reputation for supplying quality roadworthy vehicles, so much so that we are authorised to supply a warranty with every car that we sell.

This is unique of for dealers selling Category N registered vehicles.  We have been provided with this facility as have been able to clearly demonstrate to our warranty partners the level of quality and professional workmanship we practice, coupled with the preparation that goes into our used cars to ensure our customers complete peace of mind.

Every car supplied by CatCarz comes with a SIX month, £1000 per claim limit GOLD standard warranty and a single use emergency breakdown cover.

This warranty can be used nationwide and covers parts, labour and VAT for repairs of parts that have failed. General wear and tear and serviceable items are not covered. Tyres for example. 

So now you can save money buying a car from CatCarz and have peace of mind too!

Get ahead with a CatCarz Car!

What exactly is covered?

Air conditioning

Braking system


Camshaft timing belt / chains


Coil springs and shock absorbers (replaced in pairs)

Cooling system

Diagnosis costs

Drive system

Electrical and electronic parts

Fuel system



Gearbox and transmission

Hybrid / EV electric motor, electric controller, AC / DC converter

Ignition system

Original in-car entertainment, infotainment and telephone up to £500 inc. VAT

Remote key fobs or key cards up to £250 inc. VAT

Steering system




Wheel hubs and bearings

Working materials as part of a valid claim (oils, antifreeze, fluids, oil filter changes, gaskets & seals)

What's included?

  • Thousands of parts and faults covered
  • Nationwide garage network
  • 48 hours claim payments
  • Unlimited claims and no excess
  • Basic UK breakdown cover
Whilst your warranty includes a huge range of components, there are naturally some parts and faults that we just can’t cover, as shown below. They’re mainly bodywork, trim, general maintenance and service items. Specific part or fault type exclusions 8 Service and consumable items - including but not limited to injectors (unless you have our Platinum plan), brake pads & discs, brake drums, tyres, bulbs, spark plugs, fuses, brake & clutch friction material, burnt or worn out clutch components, seized brake callipers, any seized components, air con recharging, gaskets (excluding head gaskets), hoses & pipes, all blockages, perishable rubber items, oil or fluid leaks (unless you have our Platinum plan), fuel tanks and clearing of fuel lines, connectors, air bags, auxiliary drive belts, hardware i.e. bolts and fixings. 8 Engine and turbo - sprockets, burnt valves and valve seats, cracked blocks or cylinder heads, cylinder head skimming or refacing, burnt / carbonised valves or removal of carbon deposits, core plugs, cambelt / timing chain damage if the cambelt / timing chain and associated parts haven’t been replaced inline with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 8 Steering - leaks. 8 Electrical or electronic items - heating elements, glow plugs, connectors / terminals, wiring, batteries (unless you have our Platinum plan), software and software updates, reprogramming or adjustments, tracker systems, head up unit display, radio recoding and light units. 8 Electric / hybrid vehicle - electric charging cable / socket, wiring and HV cabling, HV battery housing, HV cells / modules and HV battery cooling and venting. 8 Bodywork and trim - paintwork, bodywork, chassis, interior, seats, upholstery, fabric roofs, panoramic sunroof, wheels, glass, air vents, locks and catches. 8 Negligence or driver abuse - i.e. incorrect or insufficient oils or lubricants / fluids and overheating. 8 Ancillary items - water ingress, corrosion or oxidisation, faulty workmanship or parts, manufacturer recalls, accidental damage to radiator and A/C condenser, exhaust systems, exhaust manifolds, emissions, carbon build-up, repairs to rectify issues such as high oil consumption or poor fuel economy, oil or fluid contamination including staining or misting, sludge / silt or other waste, waste disposal, key blades, sealing materials and compounds.
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